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Officiant Training Update


The selection and training of new Humanist Officiants has been delayed until 2015.

The Ceremonies Committee will continue to receive completed applications for consideration in 2015. Please review the application process here.

The Ceremonies Committee will not entertain any Officiant applications for one-time ceremonies!


Hello from the Ontario Humanist Society

We are a group of Ontario-based Humanists with a passion for social justice, civil and human rights, and environmental action, who have established a provincially-based organization to complement the work of Humanist Canada and local Humanist groups.

If you are concerned with Human and Civil Rights issues in secular society, such as Pro-choice, One School System, Equal Marriage, Gender issues, Dying with Dignity, Environmental justice, Science education, Intellectual Freedom and other progressive issues, we may be able to connect you with other volunteers, speakers and organizations. See our WELCOME page for more information.  Here is our OHS Mission Statement.

We invite you to subscribe to our News blog  (box at the upper left of this page),  and to join our OHS Facebook Group and to  ‘like’  our HumanismHelps Facebook Page  Send news items to OHS web editor

HAO Winter Solstice Party

The Humanist Association of Ottawa is hosting its Winter Solstice party on December 6:

Join us to celebrate the Winter Solstice!

DateSaturday, December 6, 2014


Location: 1510 Riverside Drive, Riviera 2, first floor.

To attend this party, you MUST register on MeetUp at


When replying/registering, you can also tell us what you plan to bring for the pot-luck.

To help those less fortunate, the HAO is asking for everyone to bring some non-perishable seasonal food. The food will be donated to the Food Bank.


6:30—7:00 Socializing

7:00—8:00 Pot Luck (bring your own drink)

8:00—8:30 Ice-breaker game

8:30—10:00 More Socializing

Public funds shouldn’t pay for Catholic schools in secular Ontario

A new book by recently retired Ontario politician Greg Sorbara makes a strong case for ending public support of Catholic schools.

By: Charles Pascal 

Published on Mon Nov 03 2014, Toronto Daily Star

When it comes to publicly funded education in Ontario, it’s time to let go of our “separate ways” so we can come together. Providing Catholic education with public money is an anachronism waiting to be brought to an end by a courageous Queen’s Park legislature.

No doubt it takes political courage to bring Ontario into a present so different from 1867 when the deal to support a single religion’s aspirations with tax dollars was reached to construct the Canadian “entity.” Enter Greg Sorbara, the highly respected but recently retired Ontario politician. In his just published memoir, Sorbara recommends the end of separate school funding, noting “theOntario of today is a secular society that is a welcome home to every religion in the world.”

One wonders why incumbent politicians find certain files so politically toxic. Exhibit A? While giving up on the monarchy has a significant public opinion edge, those royalists who want to hang on to the Queen’s skirt tails are tougher and more vociferous than the majority. The same dynamic exists with the funding of a separate school system in Ontario.

From a principled perspective, as Sorbara points out, it simply does not make sense to continue singling out a sole religion for public support. From a political perspective, well, just ask recently elected mayor John Tory.

Irony of ironies, Tory may not have become mayor of Toronto had he not led with his chin in his campaign for premier in 2007, when he advocated for the provision of tax dollars to support additional forms of religious education. But for that miscalculation, he might have become premier of Ontario.

I have no doubt that Tory thought of his vision as a principled matter of equity — “let’s fund others because we fund Catholics.” Fair enough, but holy “two wrongs don’t make a right”! No doubt, Sorbara, who headed up Dalton McGuinty’s successful campaign over Tory in that provincial contest, did cartwheels with Tory’s political gift of gaffe. When Sorbara enthusiastically offered Tory support for his run for mayor earlier this year, was he simply returning the favour? Or was it just two guys hooking up in their shared sense of what’s best for the city? Maybe a combo.

In rejecting Tory’s bid for Queen’s Park, the people of Ontario were not only turning thumbs down on his expanded version of “public education,” but implicitly rejecting the very existence of Catholic support as well. Make no mistake, the Catholic leadership was very nervous that Tory’s plan would ignite an electoral wake-up call and provide enough political capital for the McGuinty/Sorbara partnership to risk the ire of the Bishop. Likely considered too much of a distraction, they took a pass.

But there is nothing like the freedom of expression that arises with post-political life. Thankfully, Sorbara, a Catholic himself, who had a youthful dalliance with studying for the priesthood, is now pressing for Ontario to follow the lead of Quebec and Newfoundland who have already done the political heavy lifting that wasn’t so “heavy.” In Ontario, this historical “contract” continues to provide support for an idea crafted in a context breathtakingly different from today and foreign to anyone’s aspiration for a better future.

Within a secular context, it is easy to imagine an Ontario curriculum embedded with a comparative “beliefs” opportunity for building understanding and empathy regarding different religions. Strengthening a collective “commons” by fostering deeper respect for our differences is the right pathway.

With certainty, Catholic leaders will respond with a very spirited argument for their special “faith-based” approach. This is perfectly understandable. A deal is a deal and history is on their side. There are countless examples of wonderful Catholic education experiences provided so well for so many for decades. Catholic educators have pioneered many innovations worthy of adoption by the public side. All good, but it is well past the time to pursue a single public system in Ontario.

In my view, the purest and most consistent approach to supporting one’s faith and that of our children is at home and in our churches, mosques, temples and synagogues; or perhaps, in a nearby park, meditating on core notions of decency and respect for those around us.

The subtitle of Sorbara’s book is The Battlefield of Ontario Politics. While he has left the battlefield, it’s never too late to provide his former colleagues with something worth fighting for.

Charles Pascal is a former Ontario deputy minister of education and professor at OISE/University of Toronto


Humanist Association of Ottawa Calendars Now Available

The Humanist Association of Ottawa 2015 Calendar is now available!

Order now while supplies last!

This larger and improved calendar features:

Ernestine Rose • Steve Jobs • Svend Robinson • Omar Sharif • George Clooney • Stanley Kubrick

Taslima Nasrin • Charles Bradlaugh • Bill Gates • Elizabeth Stanton • Brad Pitt

and…discover the secret a 17th century French priest kept from the world!


$12.00 + $2.10 shipping for each calendar. Add another $2.00 after December 15th 2014.


Please send cheque to:

Humanist Association of Ottawa

PO Box 8733 STN T

Ottawa ON K1G 3J1


pay online at:

Don’t forget to include your postal address!


For more information contact:

How 12-Step Programs are Adapting to the Non-Religious

Barry Hazle was imprisoned in 2007 for failing to complete a state-mandated 12-step program. Hazle is an atheist, and the program required him to ‘submit to a higher power’; there was no secular alternative and, even though he was told to “fake it till you make it” he refused and was incarcerated for 100 days. This week, after seven years and two federal court rulings, he and his lawyers announced a $1.95 million settlement of “a suit against the state and its contractor, WestCare California, for wrongful incarceration in violation of his religious liberty”.

Mr. Hazle is by no means the only non-religious person struggling to cope with addiction in a system based on belief in a ‘higher power’. A recent article on, which explores the history of Christian-based 12-step programs and the struggle faced by non-believers to create a secular alternative, states that in the last 4 years, there has been a 40% increase in listed agnostic/atheist AA groups. Groups like Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) are growing and AA-without-prayer is the fastest growing segment of AA.

If you are looking for help with addiction, and are interested in a secular alternative to traditional 12-step programs, the following links may be useful:

SOS Meeting Directory

AA Agnostica


OHS Signs the Arctic Declaration

The International Declaration on the Future of the Arctic is a charter for Arctic protection which will be presented to the leaders of the Arctic States as well as to representatives at the United Nations. OHS has joined signatories such as David Suzuki, Stephen Lewis, Maude Barlow and Margaret Atwood in signing this declaration that calls for “the creation of a global sanctuary in the international waters around the North Pole, a ban on oil drilling in icy waters, full implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and an urgent renewal of efforts to reduce GHGs, among other demands”.

The full text of the declaration, along with further information, can be found at

97 Hours

Skeptical Science has launched a 97 hour campaign to bring attention to the fact that 97% of climate scientists agree that humans are the cause of climate change. Every hour, for 97 hours, they are posting a statement (along with a caricature) from a climate change scientist…

You can see the rest here, and you can also follow them on twitter (@skepticalscience) using the hashtag #97Hours


Dead at Noon

Gillian Bennet, of Bowen Island, B.C. took her own life at noon on Monday, August 18th 2014. She had known for 3 years that she had dementia and she “chose to take her own life with a draught of good whiskey, a dose of Nembutal mixed with water and her husband of 60 years by her side“.

While she was able, Gillian created a website, to be made public after her death, explaining her decision and her final thoughts. It’s called ‘Goodbye & Good Luck!’ and can be found at

Gillian has made a powerful argument for the legalization of physician-assisted options for the terminally ill, and she has also left some beautiful words about her reasons for making her choices. She wrote:

“Each of us is born uniquely and dies uniquely. I think of dying as a final adventure with a predictably abrupt end. I know when it’s time to leave and I do not find it scary.”

“Just in case anyone is tempted to think I must be brave to off myself, you should know that I am a big sookie. I am sorely fearful of being alone in the dark. I am scared something will get me. I do not want to die alone. If my cat were failing in the way that I am, I would mix some sleeping medication in with top-quality ground beef, and when she fell asleep, carry her lovingly to the garden and do the rest. Who wants to die surrounded by strangers, no matter how excellent their care and competence?”

“Today, now, I go cheerfully and so thankfully into that good night. Jonathan, the courageous, the faithful, the true and the gentle, surrounds me with company. I need no more.

It is almost noon.


Gillian leaves behind her husband, Jonathan, and two children, Sara and Guy. She, and her story, should be remembered.

Urgent Appeal to All Supporters of Secularism

Mouvement laïque québécois (MLQ) (Quebec Secular Movement)

The following text is the English translation of a message from the Quebec Secular Movement (Mouvement laïque québécois, MLQ). They need the support of all secularists in order advance the cause of secularism before the Supreme Court of Canada.

A crucial battle will soon be engaged before the Supreme Court of Canada and your support is essential.

Next October, the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the appeal of the MLQ whose goal is that the secular nature of public institutions be respected by prohibiting the reciting of prayers at municipal council meetings.

Recall that the Humans Rights Tribunal has, on two separate occasions, ruled in favour of residents of the cities of Laval and Saguenay who registered complaints against the imposition of prayers at their municipal council meetings. In Saguenay, mayor Jean Tremblay took the case to the Quebec Court of Appeal which reversed two previous decisions, thus displaying a complete lack of understanding of the principle of secularism.

If that decision of the Quebec Court of Appeal were to stand, it would constitute a serious setback for the secularisation of our public institutions and for the defense of freedom of conscience.

Not only would prayers be authorized, but the very concept of religion-state separation would be utterly annihilated. Thus, the implications of this case reach far beyond the mere reciting of prayers in Saguenay. That is why the MLQ cannot accept such a decision and has decided to take the case to the Supreme Court of Canada whose ruling will have an impact on all of Canada.

Such an operation will incur a cost of at least $100,000. The MLQ receives no grants and can proceed with this action only with the financial support of every supporter of secularism. We are aware that there are other causes related to secularism and freedom of opinion which are currently before the courts and which also need your generous support. But the events which will play out this coming October before the Supreme Court will undoubtedly have major repercussions for all related causes. We thus appeal for your support in order to fight this necessary battle right up to the very end.

You can contribute by Paypal on the MLQ web site, or by cheque made out to the Mouvement laïque québécois and sent by post to the following address:

C.P. 32132, succursale Saint-André
Montréal, Québec
H2L 4Y5

Thank you for your generosity.


Support for Assisted Suicide rises among Canadians

Results from a new poll by Forum Research:

In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll among 1433 Canadians 18 years of age and older, fully three quarters favour physician-assisted suicide for the terminally ill (74%), and this represents an increase since we asked this question last year (Oct. 2013 – 65%).

Learn more about Dying with Dignity Canada here.

June 21: Today is World Humanist Day

Today is World Humanist Day – Topic of the day – Panorama | Armenian news.

World Humanist Day is a Humanist holiday celebrated annually around the world on the June solstice, which usually falls on June 21st. According to the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), the day is a way of spreading awareness of Humanism as a philosophical life stance and means to effect change in the world. It is also seen as a time for Humanists to gather socially and promote the positive values of Humanism.

The holiday developed during the 1980s as several chapters of the American Humanist Association (AHA) began to celebrate it. At the time, the date on which it was celebrated varied from chapter to chapter, with selections such as the founding date of the IHEU, or other significant dates. From the late 1980s to the early 1990s, the AHA and IHEU passed resolutions declaring World Humanist Day to be on the summer solstice.

The manner in which World Humanist Day is celebrated varies considerably among local Humanist groups, reflecting the individuality and non-dogmatism of Humanism as a whole. Whilst the event might be a simple gathering, such as a dinner or picnic, with ample time for both socialising and reflection, the method of celebration is down to the individual Humanists. Some groups actually develop intricate social rituals, music, and proceedings which highlight the metaphoric symbolism of the solstice and the light (knowledge) which brings us out of darkness (ignorance).

World Humanist Day has not yet become a fully celebrated holiday in all Humanist organizations, although many of them are beginning to recognize it and plan events and activities around the holiday. International Humanist and Ethical Union lists several different ways that national and local Humanist groups celebrate World Humanist Day. For example, the Dutch Humanist Association broadcast short films about World Humanist Day on Dutch TV in 2012. The Humanist Association of Ireland held poetry readings in the park to celebrate the day. The Humanists of Florida Association has recommended groups hold Introduction to Humanism classes on World Humanist Day.

Panel Discussion of LGBTQ Rights In Schools Hosted by CCLA

  CCLA Logo
CCLA Is Proud to Invite You To…

For anyone interested in attending, please RSVP to (drop-ins will be welcome, space permitting).


The event is FREE and, since it is over dinner hours, we will have refreshments on hand!


All the best,
Noa Mendelsohn Aviv, Director of the CCLA Equality Program
Tasha Donnelly, CCLA TD Fellow

Canadian Civil Liberties Association
215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 210
Toronto ON M5T 2C7
Like us on Facebook   Follow us on Twitter  View our videos on YouTube

Petition: Intervene with the Pakistan Military to release Zahid Kurd aka Baloch Khan

Please consider signing this petition to tell the Pakistan Military to release Zahid Kurd, aka Baloch Khan, Chair of the Baloch Students Organization.

Balochistan is a resource-rich territory occupied by Pakistan since 1948 and is now in the 9th year of a military action by the Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies, the ISI ad MI that have abducted thousands of innocent civilians, suspected militants and activists.

An association for peaceful protest formed by some of the families of those missing, called the International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (IIVBMP) says that up to 18,000 Baloch are currently unaccounted for, of whom more than 2000 were killed between 2001 to 2013. That figure is much higher than data from other NGOs and human rights organizations, but the IVBMP says it will be publishing details of all its data early next year.

In the latest sweep of kidnappings of Baloch youth, the Pakistan military raided a meeting of the Baloch Students Organisation (BSO) in Quetta where they abducted the organisation’s chair, Mr.  Zahid Kurd aka Baloch Khan on Marhc 18, 2014.

He is being illegaly held in a military camp where we have learnt he is being tortured and faces imminent death if the UNHRC and other international Human Rights bodies do not intervene.

Official Admission of Massive Deaths of Aboriginal Children

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) provides the following item.

Seventeen years after Rev. Kevin Annett publicly disclosed evidence that over 50,000 children died in Canada’s church-run “Indian residential schools”, Canadian governments have finally confirmed this genocidal mortality rate after releasing hitherto-concealed death records from the schools.


Until this week, government and church officials have either denied or stayed silent about Rev. Annett’s documented estimate.

But previously “segregated” statistics of the deaths of residential school children made public last Friday by different provinces indicate that “tens of thousands” of these children died in the facilities, which were operated primarily by the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada.

In British Columbia alone, government records indicate that nearly 5,000 children between the ages of four and nineteen died in the residential schools until 1956, although the schools continued in operation until 1996, putting the total death figure even higher. Rev. Annett’s research established that the high death rate of over 40% of the students was the result of deliberately infecting them with tuberculosis and denying the sick treatment.

“This news officially confirms what our Court established in its lawful verdict of February 25, 2013” stated George Dufort of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels today.

“Canada and its churches, the British Crown and the Vatican stand guilty as charged as disestablished criminal bodies and can no longer have any lawful or legitimate constitutional authority if the rule of law is to be followed”.

This week’s official admission of massive deaths in the Indian residential schools comes on the heels of shocking new evidence showing that a Vatican and Church of England child sacrifice cult known as the Ninth Circle operated at the same schools for over a century, including at the Mohawk residential school in Brantford, Ontario.

Kevin Annett was reached at his home in Nanaimo, British Columbia today and provided the enclosed you tube commentary on the remarkable news.

“I always knew their lies would fall apart, and persistence would pay off” remarked Kevin.

“But I’m thinking now of all my friends who died after struggling to see this day come about, like Bingo Dawson, Billie Combes, Ricky Lavallee and Harry Wilson – some of the eyewitnesses to the Canadian Holocaust who went public at great personal risk. This is their victory, as it belongs to all the missing children. But it will only mean something if Canadians act on this final proof of Genocide by church and state to enforce the verdict and arrest warrants of the Common Law court.

Stacking the Deck for the 2015 Election sends this item of interest to anyone passionate about democracy in Canada.

Why is Prime Minister Harper’s new elections law so dangerous? Why have so many experts from across the political spectrum spoken out, including moderate conservatives? It’s because this law would stack the deck in Harper’s favour for the 2015 election, and fundamentally damage our democracy by denying hundreds of thousands their right to vote.

Over 60,000 of you have signed our petition against this bill, donated to run hard-hitting radio ads, and rallied at conservative MP offices to help raise the alarm. Together, we’ve made huge progress, and the pressure is starting to work.

A Senate Committee just issued a report unanimously recommending changes to the bill, and the Conservatives have said they’re open to making amendments. Yet it’s nowhere near enough, and we need your help to keep turning up the pressure. We have to stop them stacking the deck for the next election!

Can you send an email right now to your MP, and the members of the committee studying this bill, calling on them to fix this bill once and for all, or kill it.

We’ve heard from the experts, and we know what has to be done to fix this law. At a minimum:

• Remove voter suppression rules that would stop hundreds of thousands of Canadians from voting (the strict ID requirements, ending Voter Information Cards as proof of address, and preventing Elections Canada from promoting voting).

• Remove the new finance loopholes that would let parties write-off massive fundraising expenses.

• Give elections watchdogs the power to force testimony in investigations of fraud, like the robocall scandal.

Over the next two weeks we’ll flood key MPs inboxes with emails, and visit their offices again to show them Canadians are watching and organizing, and they will suffer a steep political cost if they force this terrible bill through as is.

Time is running out: The PROC committee will be voting on amendments to this bill in just two weeks. Click here to tell your MP and the committee to kill Harper’s Elections Act unless voter suppression and financing loopholes are removed, and election fraud investigators get the power to compel testimony.

Thank you so much,

Matthew, Rodrigo, Katelynn, Jamie, Amara, Stefan and the whole Leadnow team

P.S. Your campaign has helped shape the media narrative and raise awareness. Check out our latest op-ed, which counters Harper’s bogus talking points about this terrible new law:


[1] –  Fair Elections Act ‘undoubtedly’ violates Charter, Lortie commission chair tells MPs (iPolitics)

[2] – Andrew Coyne: Very little ‘fair’ about how Conservatives are pushing controversial Elections Act

[3] – Senators want nine major changes to controversial Fair Elections Act, setting up clash with House

[4] – Elections Act changes drawing scrutiny from Conservatives (CBC)

[5] – Andrew Coyne: The Tories were right to be nervous. Marc Mayrand shredded their ‘Fair Elections Act’ almost line by line

[6] – The Fair Elections Act is ever so telling is an independent campaigning community that brings Canadians together to hold government accountable, deepen our democracy and take action for the common good. You can follow us on TwitterFacebook and Google+.


New book – Science and Religion: 5 Questions

Are science and religion compatible when it comes to understanding cosmology (the origin of the universe), biology (the origin of life and of the human species), ethics, and the human mind (minds, brains, souls, and free will)? Do science and religion occupy non-overlapping magisteria? Is Intelligent Design a scientific theory? How do the various faith traditions view the relationship between science and religion? What, if any, are the limits of scientific explanation? What are the most important open questions, problems, or challenges confronting the relationship between science and religion, and what are the prospects for progress? These and other questions are explored in Science and Religion: 5 Questions—a collection of thirty-three interviews based on 5 questions presented to some of the world’s most influential and prominent philosophers, scientists, theologians, apologists, and atheists.

Science and Religion: 5 Questions, edited by Gregg D. Caruso—a collection of interviews with thirty-three of the world’s leading philosophers, scientists, theologians, apologists, and atheists. For more information, you can also visit the book’s Facebook page.

International Association of Freethought Conference 2014, London, UK

The IAFT was founded in August 2011 in Oslo, Norway. Its 2nd congress took place in Mar del Plata, Argentina in November 2012 and its 3rd in Conception, Chile in November 2013.

Its 4th Congress will take place in London on August 11th, 2014 (from 9 to 5) at Conway Hall, the mythical place for militantism in London, 25th Red Lyon Square.

The morning will be dedicated to a conference run by Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society on “Church crimes and justice for the victims”. Contributions on different countries will fuel the debate with those taking part to the IAFT Congress.

In the afternoon there will be an international meeting for the separation between Churches and States.  Free Thought Delegates from different countries will speak. This 4th IQFT Congress will be a landmark in the international development of both Free Thought and the European Coordination Bureau of Free Thought.

If you are interested and able to attend, a registration form can be downloaded here.

Morgentaler abortion clinic in Fredericton to close

The Morgentaler abortion clinic in Fredericton — the only private abortion clinic in Canada east of Montreal — is closing at the end of July due to inadequate funding.

Because of New Brunswick’s restrictive abortion policies, the clinic has never received funding from the provincial Department of Health for performing abortions. The province does fund abortions at two hospitals, but only if two doctors certify that the procedure is “medically necessary.”

From a statement on the closing issued by the clinic:

Regulation 84-20 remains on the books and New Brunswick women will now have no option to access abortions in the province except by meeting its discriminatory and medically unjustifiable requirements.

Had the province provided funding for clinic abortions, or paid for abortions for women without ability to pay, the clinic would not be closing. To make matters worse, Regulation 84-20 makes it impossible for the majority of New Brunswick women to access an abortion in one of the two hospitals where the service is provided.

More on this unfortunate event here.

OHRC launch new Policy on preventing discrimination due to Gender identity and expression

The Ontario Human Rights Commission

Invites you to the launch of our new Policy on preventing discrimination because of gender identity and gender expression

Date: Monday, April 14, 2014
Time: 10 a.m. to 12 noon
Place: The 519 Church Street Community Centre, Ballroom
519 Church Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 2C9

People who are transgender, or who otherwise don’t conform to gender stereotypes, come from all walks of life.
Yet, trans people are one of the most disadvantaged groups in society.
They routinely experience prejudice, discrimination, harassment, hatred and even violence.
The OHRC’s new policy promotes understanding and awareness about trans people and their rights.

Join us to learn about how to prevent and deal with discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression.
This policy can help:

  • trans people, organizations and advocates
  • employers
  • housing providers
  • service providers
  • unions and other vocational associations.

To attend, please respond by email to by April 7, 2014.
If you would like to respond by telephone, call Alicia Carr at 416-314-4526.

If you need any Human Rights Code-related accommodations such as sign language interpretation,
real-time captioning or materials in an electronic format,
please let us know by email to, or call Alicia Carr 416-314-4526.

World Humanist Congress – Last Chance for Tickets

The World Humanist Congress 2014, which will take place in Oxford, England on the 8th-10th of August, has already sold out of tickets. However, those wanting tickets still have one last hope — the British Humanist Association have announced that they are planning to expand the congress.

Now is the very last chance to be able to attend, by signing up to the waiting list so that you will be told first when new tickets become available. The waiting list can be found at

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